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Financial Resilience

People experiencing financial distress, particularly those on low incomes, are often reluctant to talk about their problems or seek help. To add, the complexity of different financial products, the benefits and allowances systems, often makes the idea of finding a solution seem impossible.

The Money Advice Service's Debt Advice Locator Tool provides a list of local organisations in your area, who can provide free, unbiased and accredited advice about managing debt. You can access the locator tool by clicking the button below:

Digital money for seniors

It’s no secret that some seniors can struggle to get used to new technology. Age continues to be one of the main factors in digital exclusion, with many seniors feeling left behind by the technological tide. Due to the pace of change, it’s hardly surprising.

If you, or someone close to you, are affected in this way, we have come across a helpful article on the Compare the Market website which has a lot of useful information.

You can find the article by clicking the button below.

We have also put together a page of useful resources to help you to navigate through the financial uncertainty during this difficult period:

Our Response:

Transforming Plymouth Together works through churches and with local community groups to tackle these issues. We organise sessions to teach people about budgeting and money management, and to help build their financial confidence.

Some of our partners include Just Finance Foundation, Christians Against Poverty (CAP), Salvation Army Whitleigh and Plymouth Foodbank.

COVID Cash Recovery...

COVID Cash Recovery was a free course which trained churches, community leaders, and organisations, to provide key information and resources to help their communities cope with the variety of money issues which have arisen due to COVID-19.

Many households across the UK have been thrown into financial chaos due to the Coronavirus and people are unsure of:

  • What they’re entitled to
  • All the options of support that are available (and when they may be finishing)
  • How to plan, budget and cope financially during this period of uncertainty

COVID Cash Recovery provided information and signposting, to reduce this uncertainty and prevent the financial challenges, posed by the Coronavirus, from causing crisis in local communities. COVID Cash Recovery was set up by the Just Finance Foundation and more information about the course can be found here.

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Covid Cash Recovery Resources

Although the course is no longer available locally or nationally, the resources that were used are still accessible for those who have attended, using the links given at the conclusion of each session.

For those who were unable to attend, but would still be able to make use of the information, we can send you a copy of the final session presentation. Please note that not all of the information will be relevant, due to changes in government regulations and policies, however, the vast majority of the links to many support organisations will still be useful.

If you are interested, or if you'd like more information, please contact Dave Manners using the button below.

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To find out more about financial resilience initiatives follow the link below.