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Cash Smart Credit Savvy

When it comes to confidence and skills and around managing money well, most of us have something to learn but many of us also have tips or strategy we could share with others. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to talk about money.

Across the UK, many households find it difficult to budget effectively and save for emergencies. And when it comes to confidence and skills around managing money there is always something to learn. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to talk about money and share some tips and strategies.

Cash Smart Credit Savvy is an introduction to budgeting skills and saving. The aim is to catch financial problems early and prevent financial challenges becoming a crisis. The programme improves financial wellbeing by increasing people’s confidence and skill in making informed choices about money.

Transforming Plymouth Together works with local organisations and networks to equip their frontline staff and volunteers to help people learn how to manage their money. By offering small, manageable sessions in a familiar setting, the programme engages participants and removes the stigma that is often attached to money management courses. And, of course, everyone is encouraged to participate and share their existing knowledge.

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