Hidden Voices

What could it look like for churches to join together to raise awareness of modern slavery, protect those who are vulnerable, and welcome the survivor into their communities?

We aim to find out with our Hidden Voices course.

Hidden Voices is an exciting resource which aims to inform and support local communities in taking action on the challenging issue of Modern Slavery within their own communities.

You may ask ‘ what can I, my church or my community do about modern slavery?’ There are a number of different actions you can take – to start with, spotting the signs of modern slavery and helping local authority, bodies or the police find victims. You can prevent it, by ensuring any vulnerable people you work with are not being trafficked or exploited. You can also support survivors and help them overcome trauma they may have experienced.

Hidden Voices explores four key areas: Understanding modern slavery, Prevention, Detection, and Restoring Dignity. They include Biblical reflections and practical tools and activities to help churches work alongside their community to end modern slavery and help support the victims and survivors.

The principles are not complicated but do require training and careful thought. The training takes two days and can be run as a residential, or over a couple of weekends.

'I never thought it was so prevalent in Devon!'

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