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Thanks Giving #AttitudeofGratitude

Encouraging Plymouth to celebrate an attitude of gratitude and giving thanks during the season of Thanksgiving at a time of global turmoil.

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What are we grateful and thankful to God for? Whilst separated from families, friends and communities, we may experience isolation, loneliness, overwhelm, loss, grief, illness and much more. How can we find in these dark times, something to set our eyes to and find joy despite these seemingly hopeless and difficult times.

Working with Churches Together in Plymouth and Mayflower 400 UK, we want you to take a few minutes each day to thank God and encourage you to have an 'Attitude of Gratitude'.

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We will be promoting the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter, asking you to share your moments of gratitude and sharing your answers to the reflections below.

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We've also created videos offering reflections from various points in the bible where gratitude and thanks giving to God was given, no matter what happened.