St Petersteam

Feast of Fun at Home - A Year of Covid

Our reports and other information for our Feast of Fun work during Covid.

Feast of Fun at Home Full Report

Feast-of-Fun-at-Home-Full-Report.pdf (1.845 MB)

Four page - FoFaH a year of COVID Final

FoFaH-a-year-of-COVID-Final.pdf (8.533 MB)

Cook Wise Booklet

Cook-Wise-Booklet.pdf (9.145 MB)

Activity Book

Activity-Book-FINAL-FoF-5.pdf (4.108 MB)

Budgeting for Beginners

Budgeting-for-Beginners.pdf (486.047 KB)

How to Write a CV for a Care Support Role

How-to-Write-a-CV-for-a-Care-Support-Role.pdf (319.508 KB)

Occupational Therapy Concepts and CCR

Occupational-Therapy-Concepts-and-CCR.pdf (235.327 KB)