More than 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade there are still an estimated 45.3 million men, women and children trapped in Modern Slavery.The estimate of the number of suspected victims of trafficking and modern slavery in Britain has risen tenfold from 13,000 in 2013, to 136,000 in 2018. Last year, there were 5,145 cases reported in the UK – the highest on record – and 41% involved children under 18. 

We have been beginning work to tackle modern slavery in Plymouth. Chris Forster, TPT Development Worker, has become an Unseen Ambassador and has been working with the Clewer Intiative. 

Chris has also joined the NGO forum on modern slavery.

We are trying to encourage all churches in the Devon Diocese and all churches in Plymouth to spare some time to Pray, Reflect and Act with regards to the issue of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking that is happening right now in this beautiful county of Devon. In 2017 within the Devon & Cornwall police area, 22 victims were found, 12 minors, 10 adults. Most of these in labour exploitation, from China, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Romania, UK, Vietnam.

What can we do?

On Sunday the 21st of October we are asking all the churches in the Diocese of Exeter and all within Plymouth to come together and spend some time within your worship to Pray for an end to modern slavery, and use Freedom Sunday resources. From this to Reflect on how we as Christians can Act to bring an end to this evil within our world.

Your church will have received a postcard with words from Bishop Robert and also a prayer that we asking all to use. Further information on Freedom Sunday including lots of other resources can be found here.

On Thursday the 18th October we are having a couple of awareness opportunities in Plymouth. One at Deriford Hospital and one in the City centre, also we are showing some information films on the big screen in the city.

In Plymouth we are also joining the Walk 4 Freedom on Saturday the 20th October. Find further details here.

If you would like get more information, or would like to talk to Chris, please contact him using the contact details below.

M 07710096210

E [email protected]

Twitter @Plymtogether