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Social isolation

Coronavirus TPT Reponse

Following the government regarding group gatherings, all churches are stopping their usual in person services, group meetings and activities. This holds huge potentials issues for the vulnerable, isolated or those who experience poverty and we have been working to find solutions to support those in need.

The Easter holiday are approaching and we had planned to run a number of our Feast of Fun events over the holidays working with churches across the city. However we talking with many our church teams and our Feast of Fun Easter programme will be cancelled for the safety of both volunteers, church teams and those who would attend the events, following the national guidance over this last week.

With changes daily being announced by the government, it has been difficult to establish what we and the churches we work with are able to do. With the latest announcement by the Prime Minister on the requirement for lockdown, it has made some of the work more complicated. There are also concerns that due to panic buying in supermarkets, both donations to foodbanks and supermarket surplus stock giving are significantly impacted, meaning there are limited supplies for us provide. But we hope that by continuing to connect with other service providers, organisations and the amazing teams of volunteers across the city, that we can still offer some forms support, resources and help to those in need in these difficult times.

We will do everything we can to ensure that we can support those who are most impacted by the current times. We are currently trying to speak to as many organisations across the city to see how we can utilise what we each have to help others. Please find below a list of resources.

We pray for those who are vulnerable, isolated, ill or who will struggle with health We continue to pray for our amazing healthcare providers, essential workers, leaders and those who will navigate through these difficult times.

One of our Trustees, Archdeacon of Plymouth Ven Nick Shutt shares a prayer

Lord God, in these troubling times

Help us to cast all our anxieties on you:

For you care for us.

Give us eyes to see , open hands to help, and hearts

To love our neighbours.

Keep us safe in your love

For the sake of your Son,

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Here are a few resources for further information that may be of use:


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