Alzheimer’s Disease International recently released their World Alzheimer’s Report: Journey Through The Diagnosis of Dementia.

The more we can learn about this challenging condition, the more we as individuals will be able to help, and be supportive of, those we encounter who are living with it on a daily basis.

Diagnosis is still a major challenge globally, with those who seek a diagnosis often experiencing long wait times - if they are able to receive one at all.

The report has over 50 essays from leading experts around the world,supported by findings from 3 key global surveys, including 3,431 responses from clinicians, people living with dementia and carers and national Alzheimer and dementia associations. There are also personal testimonies from those living with dementia, and carers, on their experience of the diagnosis process, which have collectively formed recommendations for how the system can and must be improved.

The report can be downloaded by following the link below: