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Feast of Fun at Home - update

Since the start of lockdown we've been working with churches across the city to provide food parcels to families in need across the city. We are currently working with 19 churches in Plymouth to provide over 250 food parcels every week to local families.

Every day of the week we have a different church working to pack and deliver food parcels to give out.

Below are some photos from our visit to Derriford URC on Tuesday. It was great to be able to give a hand to the amazing volunteers in Derriford and to give out food parcels to 27 families from the local community!

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On Wednesday we visited St Pancras and helped the awesome team there to pack 47 food parcels with food supplied by Provide Devon. The team was so efficient that we didn't manage to get any photos of the packing, but you can see some of the finished parcels below.

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