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Plymouth Holocaust Memorial Day

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10.30am. flowers will be laid and a brief time of reflection held. This will be open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend this and the other events below.

Two talks will follow at the synagogue in Catherine Street, open to all, from 11am to around 12.30pm.

11am. Standing together with Solly Irving, Jonathan Marshall will talk about the life and testimony of Solly Irving, a Jewish survivor with strong links to Plymouth, built up over 16 years when he used to make annual visits to Plymouth schools, until his death in 2017. We estimate he spoke to over 30.000 Plymouth students during this time.

11.45am. This will be followed by a short introduction to The history of the Synagogue and its community,stretching back over 250 years. Plymouth has the oldest synagogue in the English speaking world, still in use, and of the Ashkenazi tradition. Jerry Sibley, the custodian, will present this talk.

12.30 – 4pm. Lower Guildhall – representatives from local groups will create a space based around the HMD theme and aims with a focus on their work today across the city; to promote respect and understanding of our diversity. As Solly Irving, a holocaust survivor used to say, “Try to create a better world than the one I had to endure.”

This space will provide the opportunity for members of the public to meet local group representatives and hear about their work.

More information can be found on Plymouth City Council website here