Over Lent the Clewer Initiative has launched #spareathought Lent campaign and County Lines Lent Course.

The six-week course focuses on County Lines, one of the most prevalent forms of modern slavery in our country. County Lines exploitation affects thousands of vulnerable children and young people every year, yet many people are unaware of it or ill-equipped to spot it.

Their aim through the Lent course is to help people reflect on what the Bible says about injustice, oppression, suffering, God’s heart for the poor and the church’s role in protecting victims. They also hope to provide practical information about County Lines exploitation and equip people to identify children who could be targeted by drug traffickers. By the end of the course, The Clewer Initiative hopes to have inspired people to consider how they can support victims and build resilient communities that discourage this form of modern slavery.

The Lent course is easy to follow and jam-packed with accessible resources, fact sheets, real life stories and guided activities. Each session consists of:

• an opening biblical quote and prayer

• a story or animation

• discussion

• passage from the Bible

• reflection from Bishop Alastair Redfern, founder of The Clewer Initiative

• final prayer

• background reading and action points

All the course resources can be found at www.theclewerinitiative.org/countylines. We pray that many people will be able to use the Course during the period of Lent to learn, reflect, pray and take action.

County Lines FB25 FEB20