Feast of Fun is a family focussed project that equips churches to provide meals to children as part of wider activities and events.


We value our partnership with Meals & More, enabling us to equip even more churches and faith organisation to offer healthy meals to children, young people and families as part of school holiday events and activities throughout the city.

We are also very grateful for the Together for Devon Cost of Living match funding provided via Plymouth Octopus Project, enabling even more families to be supported through Feast of Fun projects this year.

If your church is supporting your local community with the provision of food to children, either as a packed lunch, cooked meal, outdoor picnic or church family event, please get in touch and see if you are eligible for funding and activity resources.

We believe no child should be at risk of hunger in Plymouth and, with provision of local churches and support from our funders, we continue to strive to eliminate child poverty in our city.

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We came to your church Feast of Fun-Day and wanted to say thank you... We all had a great time and really enjoyed the lunch time sat together, especially the cakes! I really enjoyed making things with the kids and taking the pictures home to show their nanna. Everyone was so kind...Thank you!

Feast of Fun Day Mum 2022

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