The Just Finance Foundation works directly with schools to improve financial education through the LifeSavers programme. Engaging your students with values-based money lessons is important and develops key life skills.

Through their LifeSavers Programme you can access flexible lesson plans, beautiful storybooks, assembly and collective worship resources, and much more! Their latest projects include an Alternative Provision research project and Moneybox Productions, a drama based resource to help kids learn positive money spending habits through engaging lessons. JFF’s financial education experts will also provide convenient CPD training and help connect you with other teachers.

Milo's Money

Milo’s Money is a free-for-schools resource containing a storybook, online game and instructive toy that helps introduce key money concepts to children aged 5-7. Research shows that many habits around money are formed in these early years. When children learn how to manage money well from a young age, the benefits last a lifetime.

Each participating school will also receive:

  • Copy of Milo’s Money storybook & teaching aid for each classroom
  • Online game to engage students in money lessons
  • Access to over 60 downloadable resources
  • Personalised support from our team
  • Networking opportunities with other teachers

All of their programmes, training and resources are delivered at no cost to your school.

Five Big Questions

The 5 Big Questions are designed to help children explore what it means to be wise, generous, just and thankful with our money.

The 5 Big Questions resources are designed to be delivered flexibly to suit the requirements of individual schools, and may be used alongside other financial education resources. They provide comprehensive guidance about how these materials can be used with pupils, and show where there are opportunities to link the classroom learning to a practical savings club - making financial education real.

All of their programmes, training and resources are delivered at no cost to your school.

“The children like the lessons as they are fun, interesting and deal with issues that they see as important and grown up.
— Catriona Mawdsley, St Austin's Catholic Primary School, Stafford