Respect International Kite Festival

TPT were delighted to take part in Plymouth’s first International Respect Kite Festival on Saturday 1st July, organised by Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council. PDREC are hoping that this will become a regular and illustrative event to encourage greater tolerance and friendship between communities across Plymouth.

In Summer '23 TPT and a host of local churches took part in the first Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Respect International Kite Day on the Hoe. It was a fantastic event on a sunny and very windy day with people from many nationalities taking part. There was mixed success in getting the kites off the ground (ours flew but only briefly!) but the enjoyment of making them, sharing food, and meeting new friends was shared by all.

The popular activity of kite flying is a regular occurrence around the world and this successful kite day encouraged Plymouth to consider and celebrate other cultures in a fun and friendly way.

We can't wait to get involved again next year and to use some of the brilliant tips given by the the father and son from Afghanistan who took pity on us after flying their own kite for more than an hour!

Kite Day 23
Kite making Ford Baptist
Kite making St Aubyns

Below is a link to show how to make a kite for churches who might like to offer a workshop or include in their activities. TPT also produced this colouring resource for churches to use to advertise to local families who might like to attend the FREE event.