We address issues of injustice, inequality and poverty across the city.

Transforming Plymouth Together is a joint venture between church urban fund and the Diocese of Exeter. Working in Plymouth with the support of all the churches in the city.

Our vision is to:

  • Address issues related to poverty and inequality which matter to the people of Plymouth through informal community work (incarnational mission, intentional community) as well as more formal community development initiatives (the delivery of projects and services).

  • Nurture discipleship and an effective and distinctive Christian response to poverty and inequality

  • Work together with churches, other faith groups, the third sector, statutory bodies and businesses to help tackle poverty and inequality in Plymouth



The purpose of the Joint Venture is to encourage local churches to engage actively with the recommendations of the Plymouth Fairness Commission (PFC) in addressing issues of injustice, inequality and poverty across the city.

Our objectives are to:

Establish the new Joint Venture as a vehicle to provide sustained infrastructure, supporting the mission of the Church and an emerging network of Christian activists to follow up the work of the PFC

Help churches, parishes and Mission Communities to have an effective and more sustainable impact in tackling poverty and inequality in their community and across the city

Nurture relevant connections between stakeholders and statutory services in order to provoke collaboration, maximise resources and develop effective dialogue and new action partnership.

Assest Based Community Development (ABCD)

As an organisation we work using the ABCD approach, please see the video below to see how it works in churches.

Our Trustees

The trustees of TPT are made up of church and community leaders in Plymouth, along with a representative from Church Urban Fund.

Chair - Bishop Nick McKinnel

Trustees (left to right):

Darren Halifax

Eunice Halliday

Archdeacon Ian Chandler

Reverend Kate Konrad

Martyn Goss

Cllr Tina Touhy

Additionally, other trustees include:

Claire Turbutt

Sibylle Batten (CUF)

Father David Way